The Wealthy Affiliate Scam or…?

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam or….LOADS FOR FREE?

Have you ever been scammed? Or should I rather say have you ever been angry at advertisers who try to trick you into buying stuff?

I have…and I hate sales persons for that. I understand that we all have to make a living and that we all need to sell our stuff but the aggressive way they go about it…that, I do not like.

See this is how it happened for me…

I have had a website for 10 years. I have been paying for the yearly domain renewal, the web hosting and even the guy who manages it all- but no traffic and no one knows about our business. Our Facebook page was doing better than my web page. Everyone just said: Google Adwords!!! But even that did not do it. It just ate all my profits.

Then I started browsing and searching…I looked into everything I could find for free. I came across a few sites that were claiming that they can teach me how to get ranked. They were offering free webinars, free PDF books, free newsletters…free…that was the word I was looking for. I sat through hours of these free webinars and funnel hacking and inspiring stories of guys telling how they were broke and then got into online marketing and now they are making millions. At the end of all the aggressive selling I had to listen to over and over I just could not afford to buy their training even if I wanted to. The cheapest training they were selling started at $99 and if I don’t buy straight away the offer will expire…

Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate!

I was actually reading a review on one of the other online marketing sites when this guy who wrote the review said that he was a scam victim and bought this other site’s marketing program. When he got to $15000 (which he paid) he still felt he did not get value for money. This review pointed me to Wealthy Affiliate because they give so much for FREE! No aggressive selling, no emotional manipulation and no catch.

Obviously I was interested and I joined because it was free. It was the best decision I ever made. Let me tell you what you get for free at Wealthy Affiliate:

What you get for free at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • For the first 7 days after signing up you get to take part in the entire community at Wealthy Affiliate. There are lots of friendly people who are all willing to help any newbie. Kyle and Carson (the founders) are available and very caring about their community.
  • In the first 10 free lessons you learn how to build a website and they actually give you a free website and teach you how to build it. Kyle made very thorough teaching videos and they actually allow you to build 25 free websites on their platform with no charge.
  • They teach you the basics of what is needed to be indexed by Google and the other search engines. With step by step instructions Kyle shows you how to add the settings to your website and teach you about keywords and how to find great keywords that will rank in Google without you needing to pay for them.
Their loving and Caring approach and my Conclusion

I liked their loving approach to what they do so much that I signed up for a month. They had a special offer of just $19 for the month. I figured I could afford that and I will just have to dive into the training as quickly as I can. They have like a ‘Facebook networking’ approach where others can follow you and help you out. Before I knew it I had a following and I was buying the yearly subscription.

Get your free account here or continue reading … if you need to.

What you get when you pay for a month at Wealthy Affiliate

Obviously you can stop paying any time and no one is forcing you to do anything. That is what I liked the most. That and the really good quality of teaching materials.

They have a hosting platform. When you choose to build your site on their platform you don’t have to pay extra for that and it includes the SEO plugins and image optimizer plugins as well as all the other hundreds of WordPress plugins and themes you can ever need.

You can buy your own domain straight from them with the guarantee that the price will not go up! Or they allow you integrate your own domain into their hosting platform. All with step by step instructions.

Then you get all that free training. There are tons of training. Some qualified members also create training and if you work yourself up to that level you can receive incentives for that. Plus live weekly webinars or watch it later if you can’t make it.

They have a free keyword finder tool. Kyle also recommends how to use it, how to find good keywords and use them in such a way that your pages shows up in Google or other search engines without paying to advertise.

Great content writing techniques and tips. Did you know that posts with comments rank better in search engines? Their helpful community will help and comment on your pages to give you a start. My new website was ranked by Google within a week. I could not believe it!

Lots of training on WordPress. I have created a site or two before but knowing that I have all the help I could ever need right there in the platform gave me so much more confidence. I am now able to get rid of the guy who manages my website and I can do it all myself!

Whether you are looking to become an online marketing agent, building your own websites or joining affiliate programs this is the place where they will teach you how to make money.

Just remember you have to give to receive! They have a real paying it forward approach. The more you help the others in the Wealthy Affiliate community the more help you get. Thank you, Wealthy Affiliate, I love to be part of your family!

With Love


12 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Scam or…?”

  1. I really enjoy reading such a detailed review about Wealthy Affiliate. This is indeed a very thorough observatoon of a very awesome online affiliate program for anyone of interest.
    Thank you for the invite!

    1. Hey LouisaB
      Thanks for the comment.
      Indeed I am having the time of my life learning and enjoying every little detail!
      I hope many others will too!

  2. I am so glad I am a part of Wealthy Affiliate. The community there is my favorite part, and they have helped my website grow tremendously in the past couple of months. I would be nowhere without the support and training at WA. If someone is serious about making money with affiliate marketing, or even just getting your website ranked in Google, then you have to have the right training. And, as you pointed out, Wealthy Affiliate IS the right training. Worth every penny.

  3. Michael thank you for debunking the “Scam” information that’s out there.
    I am still new at WA, but following very clear instructions from Kyle and his videos. I have fallen for scams before in the area of getting ranked, etc. so I am still shy about investing in it. So far I feel comfortable being here among so many friendly and helpful members; I don’t think so many long term members can all be wrong.

    Your post was easy to read and very encouraging to me. Thanks again.


    1. Hi Vanna
      Thanks for your comment! I am happy that you are liking your time at WA. I hope that you do decide to go premium. It’s really cheap considering what you get. But until you do enjoy it and utilize as much of the training you can!
      So far I have found all my answers within the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. You know, I joined Wealthy Affiliate about 5 years ago. But, unfortunately at the time I had been scammed so many times that I was so leery of any work at home opportunity. So I really didn’t do nothing with Wealthy Affiliate. Now I am researching them again, and see they are still strong with so many great reviews. I sure do wish I had just started back then and given them a try. Boy I know I would be so far ahead by now. I am definitely ready to give it a go. How has your experience been so far?

    1. Hi Matts Mom! My experience at Wealthy Affiliate has been really great so far! All the people are really helpful and you get quality training that is clear and step by step. You are not just signing up for training and a way to make money from home, you are signing up to be part of a whole community of great people. I was a bit shy at first, got a allot of friendly messages from all sorts of people but I quickly warmed up to them all and now I can’t imagine to every try another way at doing online marketing. Click the link Matt’s Mom! Go give it a try you wont be disappointed. Try out the free training and see for yourself.
      Lots of luck!

  5. Hi thanks for the insight a lot of food for thought and very easy to follow, the hardest thing is finding a good business this sounds like a good fit.

    1. Hi Charlie
      I have tried doing ‘working from home’ before and yes there are lots of scams out there. I am not into scamming other people and I am not into tricking people into doing stuff so joining Wealthy affiliate was a perfect fit for me. You can do everything on your own speed, you get to be your own boss and there are lots and lots of people who are all willing to help you. If you are not part of Wealthy Affiliate yet you should really give it a try! There is nothing not to love!
      Thanks for you comment.

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