Book Review – The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards

Book Review – The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards

The Divine Romance was such an amazing book that I read it 4 times. From front to back the book just stirred my spirit and gave me goosebumps over goosebumps.

Why I loved it

Gene Edwards has the ability to write a story in such a way that is captivating to the spirit. I am the kind of person who always read between the lines. I am always looking for some deeper spiritual meanings and this book was filled with it.

Gene Edwards were able to tell the story of the spiritual birth of God’s Bride while telling the story of creation and the birth of his people (Israel).

What the book is about

From out of the eyes of the Angels, God creates the universe and Adam and Eve. Then the story goes on to reveal that a piece of God was released in the beginning and God hid it within each and every person ever born. In a wonderful, deep and loving way Gene tells the story of how God loved Adam and Eve, how they lost the garden and became a people struggling to love Him back the way He loved them.

Then God sent himself in bodily form to die for the sins of his people. The crucifixion is told from out of the eyes of Jesus and also the Angels. The Angels were very active during the crucifixion. Gene tells how they each had an assigned duty to perform during the crucifixion and in the spiritual world they all helped to bring sin, death, law, time and everything associated with darkness to the cross. Jesus Christ concoured all things that day.

Between the lines you notice how Gene brings across his inner belief of God in us. He tells the story of salvation and how God made it possible for man to finally come into the presence of God through that piece of God which was placed within each of us right from before all things were created.

Throughout the book you are totally in awe of how much God loves you and to what lengths He went and still goes today to just be loved by us.


This book stirs my spirit and I will read it again and again. It’s one of those books every person on earth just needs to read. It will open your eyes to the spirit and to the love of God. God desires to have us as his Bride and have a living relationship with each of us. I read this book while I was in the process of learning how to spend time with God. This book gave me a great needed push in the right direction. This one and a few others who I will also review here gave me a strong foundation to build on in my spiritual growth. It is a definite must read.

This book is available from ABE books. It’s hard to find but they have it.

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Happy reading.

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