Book review – The Shack

Book review – The Shack

Before I say anything about The Shack I just want to say: I loved it!

Why I loved it:

I believe that the mind of a person can be compared to a garden. The First parable Jesus ever told was about a Sower sowing seed in different kinds of soil. (Luke 8:5) I learnt from The Shoe Ministries that the word ‘heart’ also represents the ‘mind’. They have a whole teaching on it. Jesus explained the meaning of his parable to his disciples afterwards in private and he said to them that the different kinds of soil in which the seed fell represented the state of a man’s heart!

What the Shack is about:

The story of the Shack is talking about the state of a man’s heart. A man who lost his daughter to a serial killer. A man who was struggling to make peace with what has happened and went to find God and peace in the mountains. There he met God. The way he met God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit was completely unconventional and very amusing at times. He learnt that his heart garden was filled with thorns and the Holy Spirit helped him to work in his heart garden. Then Jesus helped him to believe again and they walked on water. The presence of God gave him rest and peace and in the end he was led by God to find the body of his daughter and they buried her body in a wooden box which was built by Jesus the carpenter, in the soft and prepared soil of his heart garden which was prepared by the Holy Spirit.

This man found peace in a new whole heart which was no longer filled with thorns and rocks but soft prepared soil in which he was able to sow good seed and God could provide for him. After his experience he was able to patch things up with his wife and kids and be a blessing to other people.
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This book blessed me and I hope it will bless everyone who reads it or watches the movie they made.

I did not want to give away too much, it is best that you should read or watch it yourself.

To know more about the state of a man’s heart visit the Shoe Ministries’ website or their blog site. Alternatively leave a comment and I can direct you to their teachings.

Happy reading! Feel free to leave your comments!

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