How to write a review on a product

How to write a review on a product

Have you ever seen the movie “Ratatouille”? Where the TV Chef says: “Anyone can Cook!” In the end even a mouse could cook…anyway what I’m trying to say is:

Anyone can write a review!

What makes a review good?

  • The first thing we need to identify is our audience. For example if you are writing about a smart phone your audience will be young to middle-aged people. For example if you write a review about a hair loss product you will be writing to a middle-aged to elderly male audience. Use descriptive words that will be appealing to the gender and age group you are writing too.
  • Your review should be honest, thorough and accurate. Most of all, the content of your review should be unique. We cannot copy what others wrote for search engines will pick it up as duplicate content and will not list your post.
  • In order for us to write useful content that is helpful to others we have to do plenty of research on the product or service we are writing about. Firsthand knowledge is always better but in some cases merely doing research can be enough.

Let’s talk about doing research on products

The internet is filled with places to look but here is a list of places where you can research your products.

  • YouTube is a great place to look. Writing down what people said in their videos does not create duplicate content. Obviously we are not going to write everything down word for word but we can make notes and incorporate the facts into our own reviews.
  • Amazon or any other site which sells products will have a section on most products where users could leave reviews or comments. Having a look at what people say can also help you write your own review. But we have to be careful because these reviews are all opinions of people who could be overly emotional on bias about the products.
  • Yahoo Answers ( is also a great place to ask for reviews about products. It is also a great place to look for products or services to write about. If you can find it here it means people cannot find proper reviews on those products elsewhere, thus it is sought after.
  • The Official website for products is a good accurate source of information about products. Going to their official website will help you find information like product specifications and tell you what the product is supposed to do.
  • To participate on forums and social media is a good way of getting people’s opinions. Here you can ask lots of questions to people who might actually own a product or has experience with it.
  • We want our review to be helpful, doing research on if the product could be a possible scam is also something we would want to include in our review. The following websites will have reviews of scams. It might be worth looking there before you start writing:
  • Having an actual interview with an expert on a product or service could be very helpful. Like for example going to a store which stocks the item you would like to write a review on and asking the salesperson or trying it out there in the store.
  • There are often controversial points about products. Write about the controversies presenting both sides of the conflict. It is good to take a side and either agree or disagree and then say why.
  • If there is news on your product write about it and give your opinion. For example, you wrote a review about a new Sony smart phone and Sony announced their new model to be coming out you can write about it in your review and give your opinion on if you think it will be a better phone than the one you are currently writing about and if the new features they are advertising will be any good in your opinion.
  • You can Dispel myths. Just by reading other people’s comments and then researching what they say can be a powerful way of busting myths and becoming an authority in your niche.
  • You can also link to other sites to give your review more truth-power to it. For example, you are writing about a new crypto currency and you can quote a Crypto news site with a link to show others that you are talking the truth.
  • Doing product comparisons gives people a lot more reason to stay on your site. Comparing products with each other and saying which one you recommend will help people decide which one to buy. If you have affiliate links in your review, your links will convert better. Comparing products will also give you lots of opportunity for outside links. Just remember Google does not like it when a website is filled with too many outbound or affiliate links. Don’t overdo it.
  • Invite people to leave their comments. Sites with comments get ranked in Google better than site without comments. So make sure your content will draw the right kind of comments. Rather, use words like ‘My opinion is…’ ‘I think..’ or ‘I believe’ because your opinion is easier to defend than a couple of wrong facts.
  • Use videos for proof, or use pictures or screenshots. Not only does videos and pictures help you prove your review but it also breaks up the content and makes it more enjoyable to readers.,,,,

The key with all of your reviews is to offer your readers a comprehensive and accurate experience.

It is OK to offer your opinion, but it is important that you do not falsify statements within your actual reviews.

We have to give our readers as much information as possible. Don’t leave anything out. We aim to write at least 1000 words on a post.

To provide information in an easy understandable way that relates to other newbie’s is already helping people.

What other things can you include in your review

  • It is also a good idea to compare prices on the exact same product from different places and let the readers know where they can find it the cheapest.
  • You do not have to make recommendations on a specific product or service if you are not comfortable doing so, you can just represent the facts and let the readers make their own decisions. In the same way you don’t like to be fooled by sales people, the same goes for your readers. Write your review from out of the point of view that your readers are savvy consumers who are not easily misled. Tell them straight out what your opinion is, if the product lives up to what it claims or not.
  • Another thing which will push your conversion rates through the roof is a sincere, friendly and positive attitude. Let your writing style be comfortable like you are talking to a friend.

These were some pointers on how to write a good review but there are lots more to talk about concerning reviews. Check out these other posts:

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You are welcome to leave a comment! Have you got any other great review advice? Let us know!

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